Random Bee Facts

Who lives in the Hive?


  • Queen Bee (she is the mother of all bees in the hive) 

    • Take 16 days to develop

  • Worker Bees (all of the worker bees are girls)

    • Take 21 days to develop

  • Drone Bees (they are the only male bees in the hive) 

    • Take 24 days to develop

What do bees do?

The Queen Bee                                                

  The Queen Bee’s job is to lay eggs and keep everyone happy and busy by releasing pheromones into the hive. She lays 1,500 – 2,000 eggs a day and is the only Queen in the hive. 

The Worker Bee                                                   

The worker bees job is to take care of the newly laid eggs as they develop, take care of the Queen, keep the hive clean and defend the hive from any invaders. 

The Worker Bee                                               

The Worker Bee also has the job of foraging for resources. These resources include: water, pollen, sap and nectar.

The Drone Bee  

The Drone bee’s only job is to eat, sleep, poo and mate with a Queen, which is his last job. Drone Bees are kicked out of the hive in the late Fall and Winter to help preserve resources.