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About Us

Our Story

BaeHive Beekeeping was officially established in October 2020.
After having to adjust my business approach once COVID spread around the U.S like wildfire, Beekeeping which had been a passion of mine for a couple of years seemed like an amazing opportunity to educate the community on the importance of Bees as well as diversifying the field. I put together a curriculum and shopped the idea around to see if there would be any willing participants. After getting the thumbs up from several women I knew I sought out to find funding and possible partners. After crowd funding $15,000 I was able to start the BaeHive Beekeeper pilot program.
The honeybee is such an important part in food production. I found that in my time as an Urban Farmer, bees are often overlooked when contemplating sustainable ways to increase production. Even more importantly, the honeybee population has dramatically decreased in the last decade and are in need of safe havens. I also observed that the ethnic diversity within the beekeeping community was lacking if not almost nonexistent in my area; so, I sought out to change that by targeting women of color in my training program. Currently, we have expanded our sisterhood to include all women no matter what background or ethnicity. We recognize that there could be no sisterhood without inclusion and unity. By educating women in the art of beekeeping, we not only give them the knowledge to help save the bees and educate their own communities on their importance, but we also promote entrepreneurship and self-sustainability along with environmental awareness. 

Our Vision

Apiculture can be an effective way to tackle poverty at the grassroots level. Beekeeping has the potential to be a lucrative and manageable business for any aspiring entrepreneur. In addition, apiculture has a positive impact on surrounding vegetation which will benefit local farmers and lead to richer crops.
ABC Mobile Education Center LLC in partnership along with local community organizations is looking to establish 10 hives as a platform for the training and adoption of beekeeping practices in Phoenix Metro.
This project is primarily concerned with empowering local communities with beekeeping skill sets and increasing diversity in bee culture by providing a safe learning environment and ongoing resources.