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BaeHive Beekeeping Basics 2-Day Mini Training

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Description: This 2-day mini training will cover everything you need to know about the basics of beekeeping.

There will be 3 sessions of this mini training to choose from. These sessions will not include hive inspections. If you want to do the inspections later in the year (fall) those sessions will be $30 each and can only be attended if you have taken the 2 curriculum-based classes. There will also be an Observation Hive with live Bees and hands on interactive activities. Each participant will receive a Beekeeper Kit to take home. Day one will be on Saturday and day 2 on Sunday.

20 slots available per session (Children 12 & under free)

*Maximum (2) children per adult



The dates and times are as follows: (Choose 1 of the 3 listed sessions)

  1. June 25th & 26th 8am – 11am
  2. July 16th & 17th 8am – 11am
  3. July 23rd & 24th 8am – 11am

The cost of the mini 2-day sessions is $160 and includes a beekeeper tool kit at the end of class 2. Here are the topics that will be covered.

Curriculum Outline:

Week 1: Understanding Bees / Beekeeping in Urban Spaces/ What’s the rules?

  • Learn to identify different types of Bees that live in a hive
  • Cover the History of Beekeeping in Africa & USA
  • Name Bee body parts, their function and development
  • Learn what each Bees job is within the hive
  • Learn what Bees do depending on the season -Beekeeper Calendar
  • We will learn about the different methods of feeding your bees
  • We will cover the different plants & flowers you can plant or are native to foraging bees
  • We will have a discussion on the environmental issues that impact bee colonies and Beekeepers
  • What are the Beekeeping Regulations in your area
Week 2: Beekeeping Equipment /Beehive parts/ Hive Inspections/ Infestation Prevention
  • What tools and other equipment is needed to care for your hive
  • How to complete a Hive inspection
  • What are we looking for during inspections
  • Identifying disease and infestations
  • Disease and infestation treatment
  • What’s in a Hive box
  • How to track and monitor your hive
  • How to properly wear your PPE
  • Bee Yard Etiquette
  • Do’s and Don’ts in Beekeeping
  • Beekeeper resources
2-Day Mini Training Video


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